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Noerstick Python Carbon RDM 0-35cm

Was: $464.00 Now: $399.00

Noerstick Python RDM 0-35cm

The world’s stiffest, most robust, and most advanced and precise RDM mast extension ever built, and now we made it in carbon at the highest possible quality – always with ease of trimming your sail block-to-block if wanted.
The NoerStick Python in carbon is the newest mast extension in the NoerStick mast extension range, and it extends from 0 to 35cm with infinity precision and super lightweight of only 475 grams.
It is a 100% top professional mast extension, built for RACING, WAVE SAILING, FREESTYLE AND FREE-RACING by PWA racers and other full-blooded windsurfers that want to perform on the highest possible level.
The world’s fastest windsurfer Vincent Valkanears that made a top speed of 104 km/h, uses the NoerStick Carbon RDM to optimize his rig, chasing new speed records.
The NoerStick mast extension is designed for euro pin mast bases.

Rigging has never been easier

The windsurfing mast extension that you never have to pre-adjust!

A must-have for your windsurfing quiver

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