Z Windfoil Race Kit



The Race Kit comes with both the 850mm and 950mm Front Wings and the 1150mm fuselage (Can be ordered with just 1 front wing or the 1000mm fuselage if needed)


The more stiffness the more stability. The more stability the more you are able to push. The biggest step forward is a light, stiff, and corrosion-free CARBON FUSELAGE for all our 2022 wind foils. For you, this means better acceleration, better control at higher speeds, and corrosion-free beach life. Carbon fuselage is about 50% lighter than aluminum.
For 2022 we offer a new modular type of foil. This construction allows you to change the front and rear wings according to your needs (slalom wings/race wings). As always we offer the lightest and stiffest carbon mast paired with light and very stiff carbon fuselage.

For light to medium wind strengths, we recommend starting with the 960mm front wing. This 920cm2 front wing gives to you the right amount of power in every possible scenario. The shape and profile of the wing is designed for maximum power.

For medium, to high wind, we recommend our 850mm front wing. This 810cm2 wing is also good for lightweight riders. It is important to note, that this 850 has a different profile and shape than 960. It is not just scaled smaller from its bigger sibling.

Both front wings are possible to use with the 115cm race or 100cm slalom fuselages.

Low-medium wind set: Front wing:  960 mm
Rear stabilizer:  390 mm
Fuselage:  1150 mm (from the front wing to back tip)
Pure racing machine, designed for the best course racing performance in low-medium wind conditions. We suggest this setup from 4 to 20 knots of wind

Medium-high wind set: Front wing:  850 mm
Rear stabilizer:  350 mm (preliminary)
Fuselage:  1150 mm (from front to back tip)
Pure racing machine, designed for the best slalom and course racing performance medium-high wind conditions. The purpose of this set is stability in rough conditions.

Fuselage: Full carbon, including stainless steel inserts. Light, stiff, reliable.
Fuselage length: 1150mm for race / 1000mm for slalom

Full carbon, combined with high modulus carbon layers for additional stiffness.
Length:950mm (from board to fuse)