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Black Project Kraken Freewave Single Fin

$236.00 - $257.00

KRAKEN – Freewave Single Fin
Speed, Power & Control for Single Fin Freewave Boards

The Kraken Freewave fin is designed to increase board speed, wind range and turning abilities of all single fin freewave boards. We combined aspects of our Epic wave fins together with the speed and drive of our freeride fins to develop this new freewave fin. The Kraken freewave fin helps to liven up your freewave board, making it faster, easier to jibe and more controlled in choppy water.

The Kraken was a fun to develop and was tested in a wide variety of conditions from wave riding to flat water blasting. The development of this new freewave fin was a team effort. Testing was completed by a range of customers, shops as well as our pro riders Morgan Noireuax and Dieter v/d Eyken. In the end we chose the fin for production which we were having the most fun on! So whether you are a bigger rider looking for more turning from your freewave board in waves or love to blast around, jump and try some freestyle then the new Kracken Freewave single fin is going to be an ideal upgrade.

Enhanced Turning Abilities From a Freewave Fin

Building on the success of our legacy freewave fin we wanted to tighten the turning radius and increase board speed. With boards becoming shorter and wider we have been able to enhance the characteristics of the foil as a result. Freewave boards now turn much smoother and the new fin is designed to help further enhance the wave characteristics while maintaining the early planning and speed.

Quicker Acceleration & Higher Top End Speed

Speed is important for jumping but also because it is fun! The new fin was been designed to accelerate quickly and reach higher speeds than other freewave fins. This will help you blast past your friends but also keep you upwind and between the waves quicker for higher jumps. Our foiling technology enabled up to achieve this goal.

 Increased Wind Range

While it is preferable to change your fin like you change your sails that it doesn’t always happen. We designed a fin with a wider wind range so that it remains in control when over powered and has plenty of drive for onshore and lighter winds. While there will never be a one fin fits all solution, the new Kracken Freewave fin has a wider operating wind speed than our previous designs. This was achieved in part by concentrating the fin area and power closer to the base of the fin.

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The Kraken & The Black Project Freeride Collection

The new freewave fin fits more seamlessly into the updated freeride collection of fins for 2017. The Kraken and it’s weed alternate the Freeweed are interchangeable so a Kraken 28cm should sail like a Freeweed L(28) and vice versa. The Dragon Freeride is the big brother to the Kraken for bigger boards and blasting while the Epic range of wave fins are its cousins. Across the Black Project fin range there is a clear progression and familiarity in feel so that you as a rider have to spend less time adjusting between different set ups and more time windsurfing.

Kraken Freewave Fin Overview

  • Designed for freewave performance in a wide range of conditions

  • Progressive rake with well swept tip for board control, lift and maneuverability

  • Extremely fast & spin-out resistant Kraken foil

  • Available in PB, US or Slot Box

  • Solid G-10 base for maximum strength

  • Threaded brass insert on PB & quality screw/plate with US base fins.

  • Black Ed. G10 for enhanced performance & durability

  • Protective foam cover