Black Project Fins

Black Project Epic Thruster Set



Speed & predictable drive for a wide range of wave sailing conditions worldwide

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Front Fin Sizes: 10.5 | 11.5
Rear Fin Sizes: 14.5 | 15.5 | 16.5 | 17.5 | 18.5
Bases: US, Powerbox & Slot Box
Precision CNC’d Black G10

Windsurfing Wave Thruster fins – the EPIC Thruster wave fins deliver the speed and grip needed in a wide range of wave sailing locations from high wind jumping in Cape Town to light wind wave riding in Peru.

Over the past few seasons thruster wave boards have become increasingly popular due to their ease and range of use. Thruster fins offer a balance between the speed of a single fin and the control of a quad fin setup, making them the default option for many wave sailors.

Thruster wave fins excel in anything from onshore chop offering speed and drive, to big bumpy waves where they offer control to keep you connected to the wave.

The Epic Thruster fin range consists of two front fin options and four rear fin choices to cover all riders with a range of boards in a wide variety of wave sailing conditions. Use a bigger rear fin in onshore and jumping conditions and a more balanced set up for enhanced wave riding.

EPIC THRUSTER - Fin Features
  • Maximum performance: extreme speed, maneuverability & grip
  • High rake with progressive swept tip for board control, tracking and maneuverability
  • Extremely spin-out resistant enabling tighter turns at higher speeds
  • Advanced wave foil technology design for fast and aggressive riders
  • Increased tip flex for enhanced feel
  • CNC produced in G10 for extreme durability
  • Solid US, Slot Box or Powerbox bases
  • Comes complete with protective foam cover.