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Black Project Dragon Freeride & Freerace Fin

$257.00 - $268.00

DRAGON – Freeride / Freerace Fin
Early Planing, Lightening Speed & Smooth Jibes

The Dragon Freeride / Freeerace fin is a major upgrade for all freeride boards and represents a significant step forward in performance for recreational riders. Building upon our experiences with our slalom fins we decided to develop a fin which enables riders to increase speed without sacrificing comfort. The result is a freeride fin which helps to get you planing earlier and set new personal best speeds while remaining in complete control. This fin has been optimized for comfort and speed on the straights and around the jibes. The foil and outline shares some of the same DNA as our racing line.The Dragon Freeride fin now sits seamlessly into the collection between the racing and freewave ranges. The powerful base combined with our FlexTIP technology eliminates pitch and roll so that yo can concentrate on other aspects of your windsurfing.


Earlier Planing from a Freeride Fin

The powerful base and foil section enables riders to get planing earlier even with less than perfect technique. Early planing and upwind performance are extremely important for freeride and freerace riders. The challenge becomes making a fin which can also deliver high end speeds, this is achieved with out proprietary foiling and FlexTIP technology which we introduced with the Sabre RT.

Higher Top End Speed From a Freeride Fin

We developed an extremely fast foil for the Dragon, but that is only one aspect of top end speed. To be able to reach your maximum velocity you need to be in complete control. We are lucky to live and test in Maui which has some of the most challengingly choppy conditions for freeride and slalom sailing. The FlexTIP technology was designed to eliminate pitch and roll so that the board remains flat. This allows the board to work as it was designed but also enables you to concentrate on navigating the best route through the confused seas.

Enhanced & Smooth Jibes

Jibing is one of the most fun aspects of windsurfing but also one of the most challenging. We increased the rake of the tip to enhance control and added twist helps to smooth out the corners. The powerful foil keeps you planing and if you do loose speed a few pumps against the fin and off you go!


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Freeride Fin Construction

Durability and performance are both equally as important to us. There is no point having a well designed fin only for it to break quickly. Similarly there is no point designing a great fin and then making out of cheaper materials to save money. Some manufacturers even change their foil design so that it can be accommodated by thinner (and yes cheaper) sheets of G10, that does not make sense to Black Project. By utilizing our Black Ed. G10 (in whatever the thickness we need to optimize performance) in the production of this freeride / freerace fin you get both performance and quality. Durability does not only come construction, we develop fins which are durable and safe by design and then build them out of the finest quality materials.

The Dragon & The Black Project Freeride Collection

The Dragon fits seamlessly into the freeride, freerace and slalom collection of fins. The Dragon and its weed alternate the Hyrdo are interchangeable. So a 40cm Dragon should feel and ride like a Hydro 40. The Dragon sits naturally between the Kraken freewave and the Sabre RT slalom fin. Across the Black Project fin range there is a clear progression and familiarity in feel so that you as a rider have to spend less time adjusting between different set ups and more time windsurfing.


DRAGON Freeride/Freerace Fin – Overview

  • Designed for freeirde/freerace performance in a wide range of conditions
  • Extremely fast & forgiving Dragon foil.
  • Solid G-10 base for maximum strength
  • Available in PB or TT base.
  • Black Ed. G10 for enhanced performance & durability
  • Protective foam cover



35.0 Power Box / Tuttle 322 6.0 – 7.0 90 – 105
37.5 Power Box / Tuttle  344 6.5 – 7.5 95 – 120
40.0 Power Box / Tuttle  367 7.0 – 8.0 110 – 125
42.5 Power Box / Tuttle  389 7.5 – 8.5 115 – 130
45.0 Power Box / Tuttle  411 8.0 – 9.0 120 – 135
47.5 Power Box / Tuttle  433 8.5 – 9.5 125 – 140