Harness Lines

Tuna Fish Racing Adjustable Harness Lines


Tuna Alberti Design Racing Harness Lines.

Colours may vary from stock photo.

The TUNA FISH Adjustable Harness Lines are specifically designed and manufactured to withstand the rigorous nature of racing and the demands put on them by racers. They have built in heavy duty alloy cast cleats, use the highest quality 6mm rope and can be adjusted for Upwind and Downwind legs. 

  • Fully adjustable on the race course, upwind or downwind
  • 6mm Spectra Dyneema cord, no stretch and durable
  • Genuine Customised Clamcleat rope ring alloy cleat fitting, with pulley for smooth and easy adjustment, locks into position with harness pressure
  • Heavy Duty Poliuretano Polyurethane Tubing, made in Italy
  • Approx Maximum Length is 38 inches
  • Easy Part Replacement
  • Available in standard or mono lines
  • Price for a set of two harness lines

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