Wave / Freestyle

GA Cross 2017

$729.00 - $769.00




Free riders and bump and jumpers, meet the ultimate crossover sail that does it all! The 2017 CROSS is designed to offer up the ultimate balance between both flat water performance and wave riding agility. The 2017 CROSS will put a smile on your face no matter what the conditions. Plugged into your free-ride board it will generate speed, power and stability. While down at your local beach you´ll have all the control, light weight and agility you need for turning and jumping. All new outlines with more shape higher up in the sail and a new lower foot outline give the sail move balance and response across the range. The 2017 CROSS is the perfect choice for those who want to cover a large range of conditions with minimal sails. If you can’t decide if you want to go fast or jump high, the Cross makes the decision easy, always!


New for 2017:
  • All new Constant Curve Luff shape.
  • New Outline with Improved POSI-LEECH system
  • Performance Panel Layout for maximum strength and minimum weight.
  • New lower batten layout improving sail balance


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