Slalom / Race

GA Phantom 2016

$749.00 - $1,279.00


The Phantom is super light in the hands and should be the choice for racers of all levels.


The GA Phantom is a high performance freerace sail. It’s recommend for all levels of rider interested in full-on race speed performance. Its simplified double cam is easy to rig and keeps the sail’s skeleton structure strong to give the rider the best performance and easy rotation, combined with top end speed and stability. For 2016 the Phantom has a new, improved panel layout with less seams, making the sail stronger and lighter. Refined shaping points for more stability and an adjusted luff curve for a smoother racing leech that has created a better top end speed.

We use our 2-ply material in the upper half of the luff sleeve to increase the flexibility and positive feedback of our SAS system even more.

New batten shaping in the front third of the rig helps keep the power nice and lock in, while a small adjustment to the clew height has kept the balance of the complete rig perfectly neutral.

The improved posi leech has made for better low-end acceleration, so the moment you sheet in you will feel the response of the sail. The Phantom is super light in the hands and should be the choice for many racers of all levels. The crisp, direct response will not just keep you entertained but will also help pull you faster out of the gybe marks, leaving your competition pondering what just happened!

Ben van der Steen                            

“My dad and his friends are feeling the benefits of using the phantom over the full on race sails. Its just a matter of time before the secret is out and we will see more people taking the smart choice for their level.”


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