Slalom / Race

Tabou Speedster 2016





The SPEEDSTER is World Cup SPEED in an EASY freeride board.

The SPEEDSTER combines the speed of the Manta with the maneuverability of the Rocket. You get it all in one great range of boards! Multiple footstrap locations allow you to custom set up the board for your particular style and water conditions. Ultra-fast and easy to handle, the Speedster is the perfect board for the recreational sailor who wants to have the highest GPS speed at his local spot without having all the hassle of a slalom or speed board. The SPEEDSTER rides smoothly and jibes easily. All boards come with T-Lab fins to provide a winning freeride combination. We learned from the Manta, that a wide area under the front footstrap makes the board plane easier and go upwind better. At the tail, the outline becomes suddenly very narrow to increase acceleration and top speed by reducing drag. Think of the super-narrow speed boards. The cutouts on the tail of the Speedster further reduce drag, increasing the board’s top speed.

The new rocker is very similar to the Manta except it has a longer flat section to make the board more stable and easy to balance. The deck shape provides comfort and an easy platform to stand on when jibing.

 check out the video of the new 2016 Speedster here: