Vandal / Kialoa Inflatable Family package



This is a fantastic SUP package with high end components perfect for recreational paddlers and families

Package Includes:

*Vandal 10'7 6" Inflatable board
*Kialoa "Aloha" adjustable paddle
*O&E leash
*Repair kit


note colour might vary, orange/white or blue/white

About the board:
Vandal is a spin off brand of Tabou windsurfing which produces high end boards at top standards. This is not a cheap Chinese "knock off" but a top quality sporting product!
more info about this model:

•Thruster fin set up
•Secure ‘lock in’ inflation valve
•Moulded fin technology (10’5”, 10’7”)
•Slide in and lock fin technology (10’9”, 11’1”)
•Double layered rails to maximise stiffness
•EVA pad on deck
•Soft handle for convenient board carrying
•Heavy duty leash attachment on nose and tail
•Tall high pressure pump designed for ease of use
•Comfortable heavy duty backpack with pockets for extra storage options
•Easy to use repair set
•On deck rope storage system

1.Outside Seamtape 1000D
2.Supported Fabric 1000D
3.2nd Layer Sheet
4.1st Layer Sheet
5.Base Fabric 410D
6.Siderail 1000D
7.Space Yarn 410D

About the paddle:
Kialoa is market leader in SUP paddles worldwide. The unique Leverlock adjustable system is bullet proof and yet super easy to use. Assembled in the USA.
more info about the paddle:

•Handle: Palm LeverLock® 
•Shaft Material: Textured fiberglass
•Shaft Shape: Round
•Surface Area: 85 sq in
•Blade Angle: 10 degrees
•Blade Material: Fiberglass reinforced nylon
•Blade Width: 8"
•Blade Length: 15 1/2"
•Adjustability: 70" - 86"
•Total Paddle Weight: 32 oz